Do you want to be in the yard, there are plenty of activities there for everyone young at heart. Play boules in the courtyard, building huts in the forest, fish or swim in the lake, spend the night in the woods. On a rainy day, there are boardgames that you can play inside the house. On the farm there are animals. For those who wish, you can be with and care for them. Feed the poultry, collect eggs. Give the rabbits food and pat them a little. If you want to see wildlife  you can in the evening sneak up on the lookout towers and be silent. Then maybe you can spot some deers grazing or perhaps a wild boar running by. If you want to go make an outing here are some tips:

Bath. Swimming in Algustorplake. The water is a bit brown as it usually is in our Swedish lakes but it’s just a little humic and it´s not dangerous. Other lakes in the vicinity are Skåne Värsjö, shallow and a bit clearer water and Humle lake that has one of the areas finest water. Cycling. Many bring their bike on holiday, but you are also welcome to use the four bikes, which belong to the house. The house is located in a very pretty area with many pretty roads to ride on, there are maps in the house where you can find nice roads.

Fishing. You can borrow two fishing license from us and go fishing in the Algustorp lake. If you want to have more fishinglicenses you can buy in a store nearby.

Golf. If you are golfers, there are many opportunities to pursue your hobby here. Within a radius of 10-20 km from the farm there are four nice golf courses:

  • Hässlegårdens Golf Club:
  • Wittsjö Golf Club:
  • Tyringe Golf Club:
  • Örkelljunga – Woodlands Country Club:

Shopping. If you want to go shopping there are several places to visit, Hässleholm, Örkelljunga and Tyringe, about 15 km away (, If you want to go further, you can take the train to Malmö and Copenhagen, it takes about an hour by train. Hässleholm has a railway station with many good train connections.

Horse Riding. Experience nature on horseback. An amazing experience where you will get closer to animals and nature. Want to go on a ride? Then you can hire one of my horses and go on a forest tour with me. If you are not accustomed or want your children to get to try horseback riding we can take a little spin where I lead you or your child on a small forest trip. Would you like to take your horse on a holiday that’s fine. There are two boxes and pasture you can rent. This must be booked together with the reservation of the farm.

Hiking. The farm is located in the middle of the forest near lovely woodland walks. Not far away is Skåneleden with beautiful scenery to walk in. And if you want to wander further, there´s Vedema 10 minutes drive away and Hovdala Castle outside Hässleholm with exciting history of the Swedish-Danish time and with still more hiking opportunities. What to consider when you are out in the Swedish countryside is that you follow ”allemansrätten” (the right of public access). It gives you a great opportunity to spend time in nature but the obligation not to disrupt and destroy. There are brochures about ”allemansrätten” at the farm.

Winter activities. Skiing in Skåne. If there is snow in winter is a family friendly ski resort with slopes for the whole family, 35 km away, Vallåsen ( A little further away (about 160 km), located in Hestra, with a little more and bigger challenges.