In northern Scania the countryside is on the doorstep. Here there are plenty of forests and if go 100 m out from the courtyard in Algustorp you find yourself in the middle of the forest. Algustorp has its own small forest and here you can build huts and wander and still be close to the farm. We have some maps of roads around the village if you want to go a little farther distance.

In the forest there are elk, deer, foxes, wild boar, hare and sometimes lynx and wolves. But you have to keep quiet if you want to catch sight of them. Sneak up onto the lookout tower so maybe you might see something wild animals come by. In the forest there are blueberries and wild raspberries in the summertime that you can pick. In the fall you can pick lingonberries, chanterelles, porcini mushrooms and many other kinds of mushrooms.If you are going to pick mushrooms, it is very important that you have good knowledge.